Gary D. Reed


When you face a must-win legislative or political battle in Michigan, Gary Reed’s killer instincts are the ones you want working on your side.

Gary is widely regarded as one of Michigan’s top lobbyists, largely because of his well-honed political instincts, public policy smarts and fierce determination on behalf of clients.

He brings more than 30 years of lobbying success, high-ranking contacts around the state, region and nation and strong relationships on both sides of the aisle. He also is a master of grassroots and grasstops mobilizations and statewide ballot initiatives.  In an era when many people like to say they don’t play politics, Gary Reed does – and he does it with ferocious cunning. Clients trust him with their issues because he delivers.

Just ask one of Michigan’s most iconic and formidable retailers, for whom Gary led a legislative fix that earned them nearly $20 million in tax credits – keeping their HQ in Michigan and thousands of workers on the payroll.  Or, ask Michigan’s police chiefs who with Gary fought and won tough, fair regulations that will enable law enforcement to keep communities safe as Michigan moves ahead with plans to legalize medical marijuana distribution. Or, ask one of the world’s biggest computer software leaders how Gary enabled their products to be used to improve the skills and marketability of high school students getting ready to enter the workforce.


Ronald G. Khoury


Most people look at a state budget and see pages of mind-numbing numbers. Ron Khoury sees stories, people and opportunity. He spent decades working on state budget issues for state leaders, and he knows how to get things done during budget season.

One of the things that makes Ron Khoury so effective is his focus. Clients appreciate that he zeros-in on what matters most, and never loses track of what clients need no matter how late the sessions or how crazy the budget season.

His savvy helped secure state and federal funding to build the I-96 Latson Road interchange at Howell and spur economic development for that community.  For the Chaldean Community Foundation, he works tirelessly to secure annual appropriations that assist incoming refugees assimilate into their new Southeast Michigan communities. And, for nonprofit low income dental health leader My Community Dental Centers, he has made it possible for more patients throughout Michigan to realize better lives through caring, quality dental health.

Ron’s background is steeped in political and fundraising strategy, with his entire into politics coming as he joined the presidential campaign of George Herbert Walker Bush as a finance assistant. Ron served as deputy finance director for the Michigan Republican Party, followed by the finance director role for the Michigan Senate Majority Leader and Majority Caucus.  Before joining the lobbying community, Ron served as Director of Marketing and New Business for a nationally recognized real estate operating company.  There Ron learned the world of pension investments in the real estate market.


Deb Muchmore


Deb Muchmore is regarded throughout Michigan and the Great Lakes region as one of the top strategists and most trusted advisors.

She specializes in large, troubled clients and big, difficult issues, crisis situations, with a strong focus on manufacturing and the environment.

Deb’s clients have included the world’s largest food company, international mining corporations, and the biggest names in the energy industry. They look to her for their “next big idea” – and it usually involves ways they can be a more responsive, open, involved community partner.

Deb has the ear of state and federal leaders, and her decades of experience means clients benefit from an extensive contact map on Michigan’s energy, environmental, regulatory and natural resources issues.

Whether it’s helping a mining client overcome public objections through intense community engagement or helping a large Michigan landfill operator become a top corporate citizen in its community, Deb Muchmore is regarded statewide as the pro to call. She’s got the contacts and the plan for helping clients of all sizes discover the important ways they can connect with stakeholders to find success.


Stephanie Johnson


“Reliability and integrity” is how clients describe working with Stephanie Johnson. Few lobbying professionals in Michigan command her level of respect among clients, in part because she is known for living the adage of “treating others how she’d like to be treated when it comes to handling client issues.”

Stephanie specializes in labor, agriculture, education and human services issues. Her attention to the finer details of each relationship she builds has garnered her the respect and admiration of lawmakers and clients alike.

Johnson’s dedication extends to each project; she is known for her ability to understand issues and the people behind them, and lawmakers know they can trust her word and expertise. That’s how she is able to deliver huge wins for clients like Michigan’s construction trades, who will build the Gordie Howe International bridge to Canada, or Michigan’s most vulnerable residents, who saw in-home care expanded under a bill she helped move through the Legislature.

It’s why the National Association of Acupuncturists named her Lobbyist of the Year. It’s why lawmakers trusted her expertise when rewriting the state’s horse racing laws to allow the industry to continue growing in Michigan.


Marcy Lay


Marcy Lay is KRKM’s heart and soul, managing all aspects of client relations as well as providing a source of guidance and direction to the many association management clients she serves.

Whether it is filing PAC reports and other state filings, planning major events, or managing day-to-day operations, she keeps it all straight for her clients. Clients regard her as their best friend, closest confident and beacon in the darkest storm.

Marcy has increased client membership, revenue and participation significantly for the associations she works to manage. Her clients benefit from her focus – she works for each as if they are her only ones, and immerses herself in their challenges and priorities. With More than three decades of client and association management to her credit, Marcy has the expertise and knowledge to help her clients not make the same mistakes that others have in the past.  Marcy is an Ionia County Victim Advocate and sits on the Portland Township Planning Commission.


Brad Wurfel


Sharp and intuitive is one way to describe Brad Wurfel. His extensive knowledge and experience with the states departmental regulatory structures makes him head and shoulders above the rest. Wurfel knows his way around Michigan’s regulatory world and is a renowned storyteller — an ace at defining issues to perfectly mold a message, and helping his clients share the story about their role in the community.

Wurfel started his career as a journalist in the Lansing Press Corps. He’s worked for elected state House members, worked local and statewide political campaigns, and directed communications for five state agencies under four governors in two states. He is accustomed to creating and strengthening the communications linkage between organizations and stakeholders, or executives and field staff in an organization.

Clients look to Wurfel for his full perspective of the strategy board, creative intellect and the communication skills to deliver anything from a strategic plan to speeches and talking points.

When the topic is natural resources, environmental programs, or regulatory issues, Wurfel knows every aspect of a situation and how to turn it into a win. He is calm in a crisis and always ready to find his clients their best path forward.


Ryan Burtka


Ryan Burtka’s intellect and capacity to absorb and advise clients places this professional among the short list of top young talent in Michigan. Burtka specializes in all aspects of healthcare. Around Lansing, he holds his own in public policy conversations with the most seasoned pros in town and the former Marine veteran isn’t shy about sharing his knowledge, perspective and strategy.

As state lawmakers debate the complex healthcare issues that impact Michigan businesses and families, KRKM’s healthcare clients follow Ryan’s lead on strategy. The six years he spent as a top legislative director in the Michigan Senate before coming to KRKM give him understanding, connections and a clear sense for what’s coming next and how to meet challenges.


Brian Clark


When clients have an issue, there’s no one better to turn to than Brian Clark. He keeps plates spinning without hitting the ground, even when there’s a lot on them.

As KRKM’s client concierge for more than a decade, Clark is the firm’s professional and resourceful point man, setting up meetings and events and delivering the necessary random extras that make our client service experience feel the way it should – focused and effective.


Garrison Reed

Office Manager

Nothing falls through the cracks at KRKM thanks to Garrison Reed. Our business remains a well-oiled machine thanks to Reed’s ability to wear multiple hats and his dedication to going above and beyond the call of duty. A friendly, conscientious team member, Garrison welcomes you to KRKM.


Bill Kandler

Of Counsel

Bill Kandler is a KRKM founder who helped build the structure of what the firm exemplifies today – quality, integrity and class.
Leaders from across Michigan continue to seek Kandler’s expert knowledge in process and procedure of the Michigan Constitution and the state Legislature, on issues ranging from healthcare politics to education and government operations.


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