About KRKM

At KRKM, winning government relations strategies are built on a foundation of knowledge, experience, research, relationships and follow through.

Our Governmental Consulting Firm possesses a keen knowledge of Michigan government. It comes from over 150 years of combined front-line experience in the Legislature, the Governor’s Office, and both major political parties. KRKM partners have served as policy and political advisors to Michigan Governors, House Speakers, Senate leaders and state Republican and Democratic Parties. They have run a myriad of successful political, fund-raising and grassroots lobbying campaigns.

Meet The KRKM Team

KRKM’s Mission

To provide winning government relations services for their slate of statewide, national and global clients.

Winning requires ongoing research — monitoring state lawmakers and their staffs, government agencies, and the administration. Winning requires establishing trusting relationships with our clients and with the elected and agency officials whose decisions ultimately determine who wins and who loses in the Capitol.

Perhaps most important, winning requires follow through. Our Governmental Affairs employ a team approach to consulting and direct lobbying. All four principals “not a junior account executive” learn, grasp and work your issue.

In the field, we present our client’s positions clearly and passionately, always mindful that our professional conduct creates and maintains a positive perception of whom we represent.


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